An American startup offered to hack a bitcoin wallet for hiring

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A startup working in the field of cybersecurity, Red Balloon Security from New York, sends applicants a hard disk with bitcoins locked on it as a test task. This is reported by Business Insider.

The kit also includes an adapter, a note with instructions and several boxes of Nerds candies.

0.1337 BTC is locked on the hard disk (about $4845 at the time of writing). The amount was chosen for a reason: in hacker slang, leet means “elite”.

Within a week, the applicant needs to get access to a cryptocurrency wallet. If successful, part of the funds must be spent on buying a ticket to New York to meet with a representative of Red Balloon Security.

The company sends parcels to almost everyone. For 150-200 shipments, there is only one applicant who has successfully completed the task.

Red Balloon regularly changes the content of the test so that applicants cannot share their work online.

Founded in 2011, Red Balloon Company specializes in Internet of Things security. In 2018, she raised $21.9 million in Series A funding.

The company currently employs 29 employees. Six of them joined in 2020, as a result of successfully passing the Bitcoin wallet hacking test.

Recall that in July 2020, the developers of Ethereum 2.0 offered hackers to hack two testnet for $ 5,000 each.