Part of the funds stolen from Livecoin ended up on the KuCoin exchange


Unknown persons transferred XRP coins stolen from the Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange to the KuCoin trading platform. This was reported by analysts from XRP Forensics.

Experts have asked KuCoin to block these incoming transactions and contact them for more information. According to available information, we are talking about 567,012 XRP.

In addition, unknown persons stole 106 BTC, 380 ETH, 236 BCH, 66.8 million DOGE, 56,000 USDT, as well as an unnamed amount in ERC-20 tokens. Hackers transferred all funds stolen in Ethereum to the DAI stablecoin through the Uniswap contract.

The affected Livecoin users from the Russian Federation have created a Telegram chat in which they join forces to submit a collective application to law enforcement agencies. Individual clients began to file complaints with the police on their own.

Recall that on December 24, the price of bitcoin on the Livecoin exchange jumped to several hundred thousand dollars, and the withdrawal of funds from the platform became unavailable.

At the same time, Director Svetlana Geller deleted her Telegram account. Users assumed that the founders of the platform made an exit scam.

Soon, a message appeared on the main page of the site that a “carefully planned attack” was carried out on the exchange, and the administration completely lost control over the servers, backend and nodes.

Later, unknown people left a message on the website of the recently hacked Livecoin exchange demanding a ransom in bitcoins. Now this message is supplemented with the phrase: “Oops! Time is up, Livecoin…”

On January 3, Livecoin representatives announced the move to the temporary Livecoin and noted that they managed to partially regain access to media channels.

They did not name the exact date of the platform’s resumption of operation.

The Kucoin exchange was also hacked at the end of September 2020. Analysts estimated the damage from the hack at $280 million.

In the future, the platform managed to recover 84% of the stolen funds by tracking transactions in the blockchain, updating smart contracts and collecting in a legal manner.